This is my blog. A small place in a corner of the internet for me to sporadically dump the contents of my brain for no other reason than I enjoy doing it.

I’m an expert in nothing, but have an interest in many things. These things include; history, heritage, football, walking, nature, maps, landscape, birds, pubs, beer, bacon, horse racing, mental health, books, music and many, many more. So these topics or variataions of these, are likely to be the areas loosely covered on these pages.

Why the blog name I (pretend) I hear you say?

Well, I first came across the word ‘glisk’ on a tweet by the brilliant Robert Macfarlane. I’d never heard of it before and it resonated with me. I liked the sound it. Gl-isk. I looked into and it’s meanings, paraphrased to ‘a glimpse of the good’ and ‘a curseory glance’; are exactly what I was hoping to achieve with the contents of the blog.

I added the ‘odd’ prefix as my output is likely to be be sporadic, and possibly what is not ordinary, usual, or expected.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or polite abuse for getting something wrong.